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MoleWatch / Mole Chaser

Molewatch is the most humane and environmentally friendly way of keeping gardens and lawns free of unsightly mole hills. It will begin to clear the protected area after 7 days but could take up to 6-8 weeks.

Molewatch emits a sonic signal of 300 Hz over an area approx. 1000 Sq Metres, at 15 second intervals.

Molewatch is totally safe. Pets, worms and other garden wildlife remain totally unaffected. Sonic Molewatch Bans Moles From Your Garden…FOR GOOD!!

Only Molewatch has all these features: ·

Permanently banishes moles, shrews, voles & other ground burrowing rodents.
Completely harmless - only affects ground burrowing rodents.
Totally safe - pets, worms and other garden wild life remain unaffected.
Environmentally friendly - no more poisons or traps required.
Emits a 300Hz sonic signal every 15 secs to protect area of upto 1000 sqm.

Installed in minutes - operates continuously for up to 6 months before new batteries required.

Completely weatherproof - maintenance free.

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Safe & Humane.
Inaudible to Humans.
Harmless to Animals.
Infra Red Sensor.
Protects 1,350 sq ft.
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2 Year Warranty
Made here in the UK
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